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RAY98 (P) Portable Vet Dental X-Ray

$4 490.00
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Product Details
Brand: Runyes for XRD Dental

RAY98 (P) 70 kV - 2 mA
Diagnosis through high-resolution imaging

A true high frequency portable dental x-ray machine, ensures less radiation for the pet and operator.
The x-ray tube with small 0.4 mm focal spot, allow superior image and with better definition.
Compact, lightweight and one- hand operated
Long lasting battery technology.

The unit provide the highest degree of safety for both operator and patient, complying with international quality and radiological safety standards.

- The portable x-ray is 70kvp and 2mA
- The RAY98 (P) provides clear radiographs with reduced time of exposition
- Compact, lightweight and one- hand operated
- Compatible with film, PSP plate systems and intraoral Sensors

- CANON™ X-Ray Tube, with 0.4mm Focal Spot

- Rechargeable Battery
- Safe & Simple for technicians
- Low Patient Exposure
- Camera-like Operation
- Easy to Learn and Use
- Portable for Multi-Operatory Use
- Film, Plate & Sensor Capability
- No Installation
- High Image Quality


- Rechargeable Battery(at least 150 exposures per charge)
- Light Weight & Compact Size
- Micro-computer and Specialized Circuit for Precise Exposure Technique Factors
- Self-diagnostic Control Panel
- Simple and Easy Setting for X-ray Exposure
- Preprogrammed Exposure Time for Fast and Easy Operation
- Internal Protection Shield to Protect Operator and Patient from Dispersed Radiation

One Year Warranty

Note: Free shipping only in the US continental area.

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